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Child Citizen Concert Hall and Maestro Cussy de Almeida School of Music

The Child Citizen Orchestra is fully engaged in the construction of its permanent headquarters, the Maestro Cussy de Almeida School of Music, which will be built next to the first totally acoustic theater around the North/Northeast Brazil t: the Child citizen Concert Hall.

The resources required for construction are being raised from the tax incentives of the Rouanet Law. The project, valued at U$ 22 million, is approved by the Ministry of Culture (Minc). It is the largest ever endorsed by Minc in the country.

The architectural complex of the Orchestra will be erected on a plot of 14,700 m given by former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, in late 2010. The space, owned by the Navy, is located in the Cabanga district, between the North and South Zones Recife, a prized area for the location, but that lacks in infrastructure. The building will bring significant changes to the Orchestra, starting with the service, which will be expanded: from 170 children to 300 beneficiaries. Properly equipped, the Child Citizen will move toward financial self-sufficiency, a lifelong dream of the group.

The complex, besides standing out by its geographic location, draws attention due to its engineering, architecture and acoustic projects. They were prepared by renowned professionals in Brazil and coordinated by Odebrecht Infrastructure through the engineer Manuela Modesto Dantas, who is responsible for the company's social projects. The Concert Hall will be built specifically for musical performances and will be able to receive any symphonic group, in despite of its size or origin. The project was modeled on the example of the Sala So Paulo, one of the best in the country. The theater, which will also allow the recording of professional phonographic material, will have capacity for 816 people, divided into an audience and a mezzanine balcony.

The acoustic design of the room was prepared by consultants Jos Augusto Nepomuceno and Julio Gaspar, with over 35 years of experience in projects for theaters and music halls in Brazil. To achieve the levels of sound insulation required for the environment, special constructions were studied, such as masonry walls made of concrete blocks, floating slabs of concrete, floating plaster ceilings and special exterior walls, which will minimize the influence of noise.

The architectural design of the Concert Hall and Music School, by Pontual Architects, was designed to unite sophistication and functionality. The project has the simplicity and clarity that a room of the type requires. The School of Music is incorporated into the architectural ensemble with harmony and with independent access, creating, for its deployment, service yards and yards of dispersion and contemplation.

ROUANET LAW - The dream of building the new headquarters of the Citizen Orchestra was made possible largely due to the existence of the Federal Law for the Encouragement of Culture, known as the Rouanet Law. Conceived to foster artistic expression in Brazil, the Law stands by its policy of tax incentives. Through this Law, businesses and citizens can apply a portion of their income tax in cultural projects approved by the Ministry of Culture.

Any citizen can contribute to the building of the new headquarters of the Orchestra. For those interested in supporting, the contact with the Child Citizen can be done through orquestracriancacidada@gmail.com or by phone (5581) 9229-9895.

The complex
It will occupy 7,735 square feet of building on a plot of 14,700 m located across the 7th Army Supply Depot area - the temporary headquarters of the social project.
It is a large block formed by the streets Estilac Leal x Comandante Antnio Magalhes Matos x Comandante Arnaldo Varela x Camutanga, in the Cabanga neighborhood, in Recife.
A fund raising for its construction is already approved in the amount of U$ 22 million.
With it, the Child Citizen Orchestra will serve 300 children and adolescents, in place of the current 170.
It will include three main sections: School, Concert Hall, and Administration. There will be two floors. The first, with cafeteria, lutherie, administration, concert hall and rehearsal room; the second, with practice rooms and classrooms.


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