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"Social Inclusion through the art" - Agenda Publica Program

The Child Citizen Orchestra promotes the musical formation of people from 4 to 21 in Coque neighborhood, in Recife, and in Ipojuca, in the Metropolitan Region of the capital city. The "Agenda Publica", from the Recife University TV, came to see the project work which has been 10 years in 2016 and realizes the social inclusion through the music.

Concert for two violins, strings and continual in D minor (Vivace), Bach (with Yoko Kubo)

The Child Citizen Orchestra from Coque, together with the japanese violinist Yoko Kubo and Yuri Tavares (the Orchestra's concertino), present the first movement of the "Concert for two violins, strings and continual in D minor", by Johann Sebastian Bach, during the recording of the DVD "Bach's Concerts for violin and orchestra by Child Citizen Orchestra and Yoko Kubo". The recording of the album was held at the Basilica dei Santi Silvestro e Martino ai Monti, in Rome, Italy, in November 2015.

"Ultimo Dia", at the 368th Brazilian Army's anniversary

The Child Citizen Orchestra from Coque have presented "Ultimo Dia", by Levino Ferreira, on the solemnity of the 368th Brazilian Army's anniversary, during the Army Week 2016. The presentation was held in Luiz Mendonca Theatre, at Dona Lindu Park, and it had the special participation of the Maestro Spok.

Student of the Orchestra from Ipojuca is approved in a musical exchange

The young bassist Marvson Arouxa, 14 years old, was one of the 10 selected ones by the "Ganhe o Mundo Musical" programm. In the second half of this year, Marvson is going to Canada, where he will stay for six months. He was one of the interviewed in the report of Pernambuco.com.

"Mourao" execution at the 181st Alepe's anniversary

The Child Citizen Orchestra from Coque have executed, among other pieces, "Mourao", by Cesar Guerra Peixe and Clovis Pereira, on the solemnity of the 181st Legislative Assembly of Pernambuco's anniversary.

Child Citizen Orchestra opens RioMar Literature Festival

Report broadcast by TV Jornal shows the children of the Child Citizen Orchestra from Coque performing at the RioMar Literature Festival opening.

CNA Social Project - Citizen Child Orchestra - Testemonies

The CNA Language School gave some scholarships to students of the Child Citizen Orchestra from Coque. On the video, some of the contemplated ones talk about the happiness to earn the opportunity to enhance their level in English.

Child Citizen Orchestra from Ipojuca completes the first year of activities

With the purpose of celebrating the first year of the activities at the Child Citizen Orchestra from Ipojuca, a quintet of musicians was invited to an interview on the programm "A Voz da Mulher", by the Radio Ipojucana FM, led by the comunicator Flavia Lucena.

Child Citizen Orchestra from Ipojuca's first anniversary

After a year of activities, the staff of the JC TV visited the Orchestra's core in Ipojuca city, located in Camela district, to see the evolution of the students. Some of them were interviewed, as the bassist Denise Brito and the violinist Maria Luiza. The Maestro Marcio Pereira also made comments about the importance of the project.

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