04/12/2017/ Houldine Nascimento

A German afternoon at Orchestra's headquarters

The Consul General of Germany in Recife and the jazz duo Spiritual Standards met the project in loco

Students and staff of the Child Citizen Orchestra had a special moment last Monday afternoon (10). CCO founder and general coordinator, Dr. Joo Targino, welcomed the Consul General of Germany in Recife, Maria Knning, and the jazz duo Spiritual Standards, formed by the pianist Markus Burger and the saxofonist Jan von Klewitz.

The encounter provided a good experience change between the Brazilian and Teutonic cultures. The strong presence of Bach in Western music was seen on the presentation the Spiritual Standards has done to the students, with a rereading of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. The duo also performed the North-Eastern classic Asa branca, by Luiz Gonzaga and Humberto Teixeira. Improvisating, they repeated the music joining a string orchestra of CCO under the direction of maestro Nilson Galvo Jnior.

It was only in Recife that the duo had the first contact with Asa branca. It's a very affective music, its tune remains into your head then we've played it to paid homage to you, said Markus Burger. It was great hear the music played only by strings, and a curious thing is that it was the first time I heard such song, reveals Klewitz.

Burger is married with a Brazilian woman and appreciates the musical diversity of our country. I like Milton Nascimento, Hermeto Pascoal, Gilberto Gil and Eliane Elias. We listen a lot to Brazilian music, the most of the time. So the music I compose has much influence from Brazil, despite I don't consider it properly Brazilian", comments. Jan von Klewitz also express affection by Brazilian music. Besides Gil, I like Tom Jobim and Ivan Lins.

After watch the presentation, the German consul Maria Knning praised orchestra's social work. It's an amazing project. To me this work is a tool of social inclusion which recognizes the children and gives a good future to them, who communicate with the world through the music, as well as with other countries and youngsters. This interchange is important to the peace on the Earth, stresses the consul.



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