05/03/2017/ Houldine Nascimento

UAE ambassador visits Orchestras headquarters

Mrs. Hafsa Al Ulama met the project and felt very impressed with the social work developed at Coque

The ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Brazil, Mrs. Hafsa Al Ulama, visited the headquarters of the Child Citizen Orchestra, on the evening of last Tuesday (02). In the occasion, the diplomat was welcomed by CCO founder and general coordinator, Dr. Joo Targino, and his wife Myrna, financial coordinator. The encounter was also attended by the the Court of Justice of Pernambuco president, Judge Leopoldo Raposo.

During the visit, the ambassador was gifted with some albums and institutional magazines of the orchestra and, from Judge Leopoldo Raposo hands, she received a book with the history of the State Justice and related issues. Besides, CCO musicians performed to her and her staff under the direction of maestro Nilson Galvo Jr.

Ambassador Hafsa Al Ulama felt very impressed with the project. Hear these children is so strong. Its very good feel their value, they trust in what they show and that they can be part of the society and be accepted. They practice music six days a week, go out of school and come here to study. Im very proudy and happy. I look ahead and see them playing in my country. Certainly we are going to try this happen. Put children from UAE and Pernambuco playing together. Why not?, said.

CCO general coordinator, Joo Targino, expects a future partnership between UAE and CCO. "I see this possibility as something very enriching to the orchestra as the embassy is open to invest in Brazil, in the cultural, economic and scientic fields, and I hope our project might be aimed. I know their land and I know how they invest in culture. The proof is that in Abu Dhabi there is a Guggenheim [Museum]. And here we are doing culture", commented.

The president of Court of Justice of Pernambuco, by his turn, exhalted CCO actions. "This project does Pernambuco might be recognized worldwide. It promotes our state in terms of culture. They are youngsters that live in a low-income and are, through this project, carry Pernambuco to a unique das. This is also very good to the North-East and to Brazil, declared Judge Leopoldo Raposo.

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