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OCC starts permanent campaign of donor mobilization

On Friday, December 1, the permanent campaign of donor mobilization of the Citizen Child Orchestra began. Entitled "Orchestra Citizen Child: building dreams", transforming lives, mobilization has as its flagship an efficient donation and guidance tool: a chatbot platform.

Installed in the lower right corner of the OCC website, the ABCC and the landing page of the campaign (http://orquestracriancacidada.org.br/doe), the chatbot dialogues with the internet user in a simple way, presenting the Orchestra and inviting to contribute under two options: with discount on Income Tax, via Rouanet Law, or directly, via bank or credit card.

The contribution through income tax (which allows deducting up to 6% of the IT due to individuals and 4% to companies with a real profit regime) must be made directly by the donors by deposit or identified transfer. The direct contribution is made by chatbot itself, which leads to a virtual payment environment (gateway).

PARTNERSHIPS - The Campaign Citizen Child Orchestra: building dreams, transforming lives has a strong network of partners whose sites are also providing the chatbot of the campaign: Caixa Econmica Federal, Pernambuco Court of Justice, Federal Regional Court of the 5th Region, Public Defender's Office State of Pernambuco, Public Ministry of Pernambuco and Regional Council of Accounting.

The campaign landing page will be increased over the next few days and will contain explanatory videos and illustrations on donation options.

The Citizen Child Orchestra is a project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture through the Rouanet Law and is sponsored by Sesi PE, Caixa Econmica Federal and the Federal Government.



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