12/18/2017/ Houldine Nascimento

CCO will be featured in american documentary

Film subject is the life of five bow makers and the brazilwood conservation

The Child Citizen Orchestra headquarters, in Coque, received a special visit this morning (18): the american filmmaker Ward Serrill, owner of Woody Creek Pictures, had known the project and filmed a little performance of a string quartet that played Vivaldi. These images will be part of a documentary about the life of five bow makers from Port Townsend, a small town located in the state of Washington, USA.

This project is very beautiful, Im enchanted. Through these images, well show the beauty of the CCO, said Serrill, who came to Brazil to film about environmental preservation. He'd heard about the CCO through the International Pernambuco Conservation Iniciative, an institution that works for the brazilwood conservation -- a plant with high value and used in the production of bows for stringed instruments -- and whose board of directors visited the Orchestra on last October 25th.

The director was with the crew, composed by Rossana Gomes, translator and sound editor, and the cinematographer Rocky Fricoman, also owner of a movie theater in Port Townsend. The documentary is expected to be released next year.



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