05/29/2018/ Houldine Nascimento

Facebook representatives visit Child Citizen Orchestra headquarters

Staff has known CCO work and watched to a special musical presentation

The general coordinator of the Child Citizen Orchestra, judge Joo Targino, and the chairwoman of Child Citizen Beneficent Association, Myrna Targino, received this Tuesday morning (29) -- at the Coque core -- representatives of the Facebook, one of the master sponsors of the project. In the occasion, Facebook Brazil's director of Public Policy, Murillo Laranjeira, and the manager of Public Policy, Andrea Leal, knew CCO headquarters, in Recife.

They were accompanied by the manager partner of Regra3 Produes, Karla Paes. During the visit, Facebook members watched to an institutional video about CCO trajectory. They also joined the Child Citizen Orchestra's Training School of Luthier and Archetier and music classrooms. The Youth Orchestra -- main group of the project -- prepared a small presentation with the honored presence of Maestro Spok. The repertoire stressed the frevo, with the works "ltimo dia", "ltimo regresso" and " de fazer chorar". Besides that, the Orchestra played the first movement of "Spring", composed by Vivaldi and part of the famous "Four Seasons".

Murillo Laranjeira exalted the partnership between Facebook and the Child Citizen Orchestra, the first project of Northeast to be sponsored by the Brazilian branch of the American Company. "The Regra3 presented the project and immediately we took the issue to our Administrative Council. We analyzed and had total interest to help CCO because of the social impact. We realized too that the Northeast has an enterprising caractheristic and we've decided to go beyond the South and Southeast", explains.

"We know that Facebook has a fantastic institutional side which is known around the world. On the other hand, there is a concern about social responsability. Mark Zuckerberg [Facebook's founder and CEO] is a young entrepreneur that has not only a financial perspective but also a vision of solidarity", Joo Targino emphasizes.

ABOUT FACEBOOK - Released in 2004, in USA, the Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. According published data by the company in 2014, there are more than one billion of active users. Since December 2017, Facebook sponsors the Child Citizen Orchestra.



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