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CCO receives representative of the Italian Episcopal Conference

Don Fernando Di Mauro is responsible for the charitable actions of IEC -- institution linked to the Catholic Church -- in Third World Countries

Responsible for the Coordination of the Italian Episcopal Conference's Service for Charity in favour of Third World Countries, Monsignor Leonardo Di Mauro visited the Coque core this Friday. He was received by the founder and general coordinator of CCO, Joo Targino. The visit was also attended by the founder and president of the Catholic Community Obra de Maria, Gilberto Barbosa, and the General Vicar of the Catholic Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife, Priest Luciano Brito.

In the occasion, Don Leonardo knew the project facilities, such as the CCO's Training School of Luthier and Archetier, pioneer in the Northeast. In order to receive new students, increase the production of string instruments and offer technical training, the CCO's Lutherie needs to expand.

The IEC representative explained how the institution intends to help the CCO to build a new Lutherie. "We would give a financial support. The Italian Episcopal Conference, through its commission, has financed projects in Third World Countries. This is a social and cultural project which we hope to be able to help financially."

At the end of the visit, the Youth Orchestra -- main group of the CCO -- prepared a concert under the baton of director Nilson Galvo Jr. The presentation brought the songs "Caruso", "My Way", "Aquarela do Brasil", "Asa Branca" and "ltimo Dia". "I'm moved and delighted with the CCO work", added Monsignor Di Mauro, who was assisted by the Catholic Sister Antonieta Papa -- responsible for the translation.

ABOUT IEC - The Italian Episcopal Conference is an institution that belongs to the Catholic Church and is known for helping many social projects around the world. Today the IEC is one of the most important episcopal conferences due to its closeness to Pope Francis.


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