04/04/2017 | Tamz Freitas

Ipojuca Center approves new student at "PGM Musical"

Alexandre Vinicius represents the contrabass section from CCO in the musical exchange program by State's Government

The Child Citizen Orchestra from Ipojuca is going to have a new representant on Canadian soil this year. It concerns about the contrabassist Alexandre Vinicius dos Santos, 15, pre-approved by the program "Ganhe o Mundo Musical" - in a free translation, "Take the World" - in a list released by the State Secretariat for Education, last Tuesday (4th). According to the government body, the selection for the exchange state program had 79 appliants from all over Pernambuco state and it approved 10 of them. The homologated list is going to be released next 18th and the contemplated ones will travel in the second semester of the current year.

There is about two months, on February 2nd, Marvson Arouxa came back from Canada full of stories to share with his friends at Child Citizen Orchestra from Ipojuca. On the following day, the call notice for the selection of 2017 to the program which takes Marvson abroad was launched. Alexandre Vinicius and three other friends of the project were encouraged to inscribe by the staff in the center. The Computers Teacher, Naftali Sabino, was in charge to record and send the videos made by the students, equivalent to the practical assessment in the instrument - second stage for the evaluation, preceded, by the school perfomance analysis.

With the CCO, the appliants had the support since the submission by the internet until the day of the theoretical test and audition, last 17th, held at the Pernambuco Conservatory of Music (CPM), with the assistance of the teachers Naftali and Claudenisio Mendes, who teaches the contrabass to Vinicius. After the consolidation of the results, Claudenisio commemorated: "They study a lot, so there was not a special preparation for the Take the World selection because at Child Citizen Orchestra, they are always ready, every day, with tests and auditions". And he added: "It is an achievement for all the project, undoubtedly, we have to celebrate a lot".

Soon after knowing the result, Vinicius received affection from all at Orchestra and cheered: "My dream was fulfilled, I have no words. Just happiness. About the process, I think it was easy because I studied a lot. For me, the hardest part was to take control of the nervousism. I learned the best way to forget about your nervousism is to accept it". It will be the second international trip of the contrabassist, who in 2015, went to Rome with the Orchestra.

03/20/2017 | Por Paula Passos

CCO holds its first official concert of the 2017 season

Presentation on the last Sunday (19), in the Church of the Mother of God, featured three masterpieces from the romantic period

The first official concert of the Child Citizen Orchestra in 2017 was held at the Madre de Deus Church, in the neighborhood of Recife, this afternoon (19). The repertoire, ruled by maestro Nilson Galvo Jr., presents three works from the romantic repertoire: the opening of the opera The Bartered Bride, by the Czech Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884), Spanish Capriccio, by the Russian Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908), and first movement of Felix Mendelssohn's (1809-1847) violin concerto, which had as soloist Eduardo Silva do Amparo.

About a choice of repertoire, the maestro explained: "All year we work with a theme and an exhibition of it, we choose what must be shown to the public. It is formed from an overture, a secondary piece and, finally, the most consecrated piece", he explained.

In addition to the students of the Youth Orchestra, there were also university professors and professors, musicians from the Federal University of Pernambuco, the Spok Frevo Orquestra and the Recife Symphonic Orchestra, all supporters of the project. In total, 68 musicians were applauded for the presence like Rosngela Florncio, a housewife, who was a prestigious family: "Whenever I can attend the Orchestra concerts. Last year, I went to two of them. This today I guessed it beautiful today, Wonderful!



Didactic concert with the Groovy Quartet


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2nd Official Concert - 2017 Season

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