10/25/2017 | Por Paula Passos

Members of the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative visit CCO

In addition to IPCI, French and Brazilian bow makers were present. The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness about the preservation of brazilwood

The Citizen Child Orchestra received this Thursday, October 25, a visit by Yung Chin, the World President of the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative; John Bennett, President of the institution in the USA; Stphane Tomachot, one of the most outstanding French bow makers, and his daughter Josphine. They were joined by Frans Pareyn, general coordinator of the Plants Association of the Northeast APN; Jacy de Souza, a Brazilian bow maker; and Ayrton Farias, a sworn translator. They got to know the project better and Interacted with our administration and students.

The visit started in the project's luthierie, where the bow makers talked about the process of making the parts with the students and the luthierie teacher, Carlos Alberto Gomes Filho. Yung Chin, who is also an archeologist, stressed the importance of teaching the first steps well: "It is important that they learn well the fundamental steps, the basics, because if they do not learn, they can spend the rest of their lives doing wrong," he said.

The group then proceeded to the auditorium, where John Bennett talked about the importance of brazilwood preservation, linking it to the use of the tree to manufacture musical instruments. They attended a performance by a quintet of CCO musicians with two songs from the national repertoire - "Lamento Sertanejo" by Dominguinhos and "Asa Branca" by Luiz Gonzaga - and concluded the meeting by sharing experiences and knowledge about the craft of a bow maker.

10/23/2017 | Por Paula Passos

Child Citizen Orchestra will participate in Italian TV program

Six musicians from the project travel to Europe in early November for the recording of the reality show Prodigi La Musica Vita

On November 7, six students from the Child Citizen Orchestra present a classical repertoire on the Prodigi La Musica Vita television program in Italy. The invitation arrived through Unicef Brasil, through the Marketing coordinator, Lidia Carvalho. Along with her, came the team from Endemol Italy and Unicef Italy, to record a mini-document about the project, also showing part of the reality of Recife and telling stories of children who are members of the NGO, which will be shown before the presentation of CCO musicians in the RAI program.

"We are happy with the result of the work!" First of all, we prioritized the scenes with Maestro Giuseppe Vessicchio and we got a good record of his interaction with the boys, he came to know the CCO and was delighted with the classes taught and the quality of the music which the boys play", said Lidia, who accompanies the filming of Prodigi La Musica Vita, the biggest musical reality show on Italian television.

They are part of the team: Giuseppe Carrieri (director), Andrea Longhin and Irene Felici (cameras) and Ermanno Labianca (producer). lvaro Mendes and Enrico Noviello of UNICEF Italy participated in the process along with CCO's cultural producer Gabryella Boudoux, who will travel with the project's students and maestro Nilson Galvo Jr. to Italy. Recordings in Recife were held from 18 to 23 October.

Photo credits: Marcelo Soares



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