06/16/2017 | Houldine Nascimento

CCO strengths partnership with UNESCO

In solemnity held on this Friday (16), a steel plate was unveiled at the projects headquarters highlighting the orchestra as an associated school with the organisation

The Child Citizen Orchestra has given another step to strength the good relationship with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). On this Friday (16), the projects headquarters, at Coque neighborhood, was the place where was held the unveiling ceremony of the plate that highlights CCO as member of UNESCOs Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet). The founder and general coordinator of the orchestra, Joo Targino; the ASPnet coordinator in Pernambuco, Giovanna de Melo; and CCO pedagogical coordinator, Aldir Teodzio, took part of the event.

Teacher Teodzio opened the ceremony celebrating the partnership bewtween CCO and UNESCO: For us, its a reason to be proudy integrating ASPNet, a very important program. Without bringing up we are nothing, and the music is inserted into this context. Right after Mrs. Giovanna de Melo praised the actions promoted by the orchestra. ASPNet is very proudy of the work that the orchestra has doing, carrying the name of Pernambuco to the world with music of quality in an awesome social project", she stressed.

At last, Dr. Targino talked about CCOs responsability of being part of ASPNet. As representant of the project, I speak about our large satisfaction in taking part of this net. Our country and our region need education. I always use to say that Brazil wont never be a great potency if it doesnt emphasize education. I sincerely hope that we can, day by day, retribute the trust UNESCO puts on the orchestra as an associated school, commented.

CCO INTO ASPNET Since 2015, the Child Citizen Orchestra integrates APSNet as the first music school in Brazil to hold it. ASPNet is present in more than 130 countries and aims to create an international net of schools that deal the concept of culture of peace.

06/04/2017 | Carlos Eduardo Amaral

CCO focus on Classic Period repertoire

Second official concert of the season reaches a good attendance at the Gospel Baptist Church in Casa Amarela

With a numerous audience which attended the convocation for donations to the unsheltered people due to the floods in Pernambuco, the Child Citizen Orchestra promoted its second official concert of the season at the main baptist temple in the neighborhood of Casa Amarela, North region of Recife. The repertoire started with the Serenade for strings in E flat major, by the Czech Josef Suk, and it was followed by two masterworks of the Classic Period: Haydns Cello concerto in C major and Mozarts 40th Symphony.

The participation of the soloist Fernando Trigueiro Jr. in Haydns concerto, besides very applauded, gained support of the musician colleagues and the maestro Nilson Galvo Jr. At the end of the concert, the ministry of music of the Gospel Baptist Church in Casa Amarela, Jorge Arruda, paid homage to maestro Nilson who conducted his first concert with CCO at that same place, in 2014 and his mother, Elizeth Galvo, who actively participates of the musical movement linked to the Baptist Church in Recife. As you had received much knowledge, now you have the chance to pass ahead to these youngsters what you had given, speeched Jorge, also a teacher at the Baptist Teological Seminary of the North of Brazil.

A good part of the musicians now prepares to the Eleazar de Carvalho Festival, which will be held in the first three weeks of July, in Fortaleza, and will have maestro Nilson as cello teacher. While this, the food gathered on the concert will be forwarded by the orchestra to EBrasil Energia, one of the sponsors of the orchestra, to be destinated to isolated locations at the South Coast of Pernambuco.



Orquestra Criana Cidad dos Meninos do Ipojuca na Caixa Cultural Recife

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