07/03/2017 | Por Paula Passos

OCC closes first edition of its Hearings Journey

Didactic concert at Sesc Santo Amaro gathered for the first time in history all the ABCC projects nuclei

Great events requires lots of organization and an efficient logistics to be succeed. One of those in charge of managing the backstage of the I CCO Hearings Journey for the event was the event producer Gabryella Boudoux. She took care of the schedules of the three nuclei of the Orchestra - Coque, Ipojuca and Igarassu - and needed to adjust as daily activities of each nucleus as the hearings that took place between June 2 and 30. Meanwhile, Edivaldo Cavalcanti and Eliude Braz, administrative managers of the Coque and Ipojuca centers, provided support in the conduct of the students during the trips.

"I was responsible for accompanying the Coque students in the trips to other centers, welcoming the students from the other nuclei that came here to Coque, taking care of snacks, transportation, besides giving an account of the schedules for pedagogic activities, external presentations and also hearings. It was a good experience, because I was able to increase my repertoire, meet new students and know what musicians I can count on from other nuclei for future concerts", Gabryella explained.

Aldir Teodzio, pedagogical coordinator and idealizer of the Journey, highlighted the importance for the event for the students. "The great goal is an integration of all the nuclei of the project. We always had that will, but it still had not been worked out. Even with a little time to think it, the balance is positive. We still have great help from Sesc Santo Amaro, who gave us space, for closure", he said.

The closing of the hearings was held on Friday (30), at the Sesc unit in the neighborhood of Santo Amaro, with the participation of about 300 young people, including also students of music from the Child Citizen Cultural ans Sports Space (ECECC). There was a presentation by the Children's Orchestra, the Wind Group, the ECECC students, the Sonoru's Group, the Child Citizen orchestras (Children, Ipojuca and the Youth, the main one of the orchestra), as well as the students of the most recent OCC center in Igarassu.

Tarsylla Ferreira, 11, from Igarassu, was looking forward to the presentation. "I feel a little ashamed because there are a lot of people watching us, but I really enjoyed the auditions and I went to meet the Coque Nucleus, as people who are very nice and played very well, besides we could have touch with several instruments", said.

In the end, all groups met for the first time in the history of the Citizen Child Beneficent Association (ABCC) and the Citizen Child Orchestra to play two great hits by Luiz Gonzaga, "Sabi" and "Asa Branca", conducted by maestro Nilson Galvo and with participation of a large part of OCC and ABCC music teachers. The expectation for next year and repeat the success of the Hearings Journey, which showed the musical and didactic progress of all the groups involved.

06/16/2017 | Houldine Nascimento

CCO strengths partnership with UNESCO

In solemnity held on this Friday (16), a steel plate was unveiled at the projects headquarters highlighting the orchestra as an associated school with the organisation

The Child Citizen Orchestra has given another step to strength the good relationship with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). On this Friday (16), the projects headquarters, at Coque neighborhood, was the place where was held the unveiling ceremony of the plate that highlights CCO as member of UNESCOs Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet). The founder and general coordinator of the orchestra, Joo Targino; the ASPnet coordinator in Pernambuco, Giovanna de Melo; and CCO pedagogical coordinator, Aldir Teodzio, took part of the event.

Teacher Teodzio opened the ceremony celebrating the partnership bewtween CCO and UNESCO: For us, its a reason to be proudy integrating ASPNet, a very important program. Without bringing up we are nothing, and the music is inserted into this context. Right after Mrs. Giovanna de Melo praised the actions promoted by the orchestra. ASPNet is very proudy of the work that the orchestra has doing, carrying the name of Pernambuco to the world with music of quality in an awesome social project", she stressed.

At last, Dr. Targino talked about CCOs responsability of being part of ASPNet. As representant of the project, I speak about our large satisfaction in taking part of this net. Our country and our region need education. I always use to say that Brazil wont never be a great potency if it doesnt emphasize education. I sincerely hope that we can, day by day, retribute the trust UNESCO puts on the orchestra as an associated school, commented.

CCO INTO ASPNET Since 2015, the Child Citizen Orchestra integrates APSNet as the first music school in Brazil to hold it. ASPNet is present in more than 130 countries and aims to create an international net of schools that deal the concept of culture of peace.

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