The Orchestra - cores

Coque Center

The Child Citizen Orchestra was born at Coque's core by initiative of Law Judge Joo Targino, in partnership with the conductor Cussy de Almeida. Currently, of the 330 beneficiaries attended in the project, 230 belong to the Coque neighborhood, and are aged between 7 and 21 years. The students receive free: classes of string, wind and percussion instruments, lutherie and archeterie, and musical theory; psychological, medical and dental care; school support; three daily meals; scholarship and interchange. The Orchestra is managed by the Citizen Child Beneficent Association (ABCC) and is located at Rua General Estilac Leal, 439, at the 7th Deposit of Army Supplies, on the Cabanga neighborhood, Recife.

Ipojuca Center

Inaugurated in 2014, Child Citizen Orchestra's core in Ipojuca city is located in Camela district and it attends around 100 children and teenagers, aged from 06 to 16. The social project was brought to Ipojuca as a result of the partnership between Citizen Child Beneficent Association (ABCC) - initiative's NGO manager - and Ipojuca City Hall, through the Sports and Youth Special Secretary (Sejuve). The students are residents of Camela and they receive musicalization, school tutoring and string instruments (violin, viola, violoncello and double bass) classes, in addition to psychosocial care and three daily meals. The core is located on Avenida Doctor Humberto da Costa Soares, 40, Camela - Ipojuca.

Igarassu Center

The third center of the Child Citizen Orchestra was inaugurated at the rural area of Igarassu, within the complex of EBrasil Epesa's Pau Ferro I and Termomanaus thermoelectric powerplants, in February 2017. The unit initially serves 30 children - between 07 and 14 years - from the location of Ch de Cruz, on the border between the municipalities of Paudalho and Abreu and Lima, which have transportation provided by the sponsoring company and receive music lessons and flute, supervised by the Coque Center. The expectation is that the teaching of stringed instruments will be implemented in 2018, with the extension of the project.


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