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The Child Citizen Orchestra applies the Suzuki Method, created by Japanese professor Shinichi Suzuki. The method provides the learning of music in a playful way children learn by games. The Suzuki Method uses the musical education to enrich and improve the lives of the students.

The principle of this methodology is focused on designing a natural environment for the students to learn music, as they were learning their mother tongue. The goal is to try to involve the student with the music the same way as he or she engages with the language when they are learning how to speak. The ideal environment for this includes love, good examples, praise, and a study time determined in accordance with the students development.

Shinichi Suzuki lived from 1898 to 1998 and spent his life proving that ability is not innate and that talent can be created. He was born in Nagoya (Japan) on October 17. He was known by the method of teaching children and teenagers to develop an exceptional talent.


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