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In Coque, the risk of marginalization to which children and adolescents are exposed is very high and constant due to the domestic and urban violence. Keeping these young people far from this environment is therefore a major objective at the Child Citizen Orchestra.

First, the project encourages and requires good attendance of students to
regular classes in the community schools. This is a measure of
combating truancy that has proven to be quite effective.

It is an interest and purpose of the Orchestra to also promote the physical well-being and mental health of students through comprehensive medical and dental care, in partnership with Unimed Recife. The aim is to combat the food shortage, by providing three meals per day and snacks to all members. The psychological and pedagogical monitoring of students also helps in this regard.

During the course time, young people also have contact with lessons of citizenship, with emphasis on civility, ethics, and especially in the behavioral discipline. The Orchestra believes these are fundamental factors in the formation of the citizen. Children and adolescents at the Orchestra become not only professional musicians, who are expert on various stringed instruments and percussion. They will also be absorbed by the labor market in return. The projects ultimate objective is to make the students multiply notions of citizenship in Coque and wherever they go.


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