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The social appeal that has always been part of the Child Citizen Orchestra is recognized and reinforced by the press in Pernambuco State and in Brazil. A quick check in the Google displays more than 200,000 insertions in various media.

The range of awards already caught up about 30 to date supports the success factor, which is indeed part of our history. Below, the most representative ones (free translation from Portuguese):

* Social Responsibility Award Executive Group of Recife July 2007
* Medal Councillor Joao Alfredo Correa de Oliveira TRT / 6th Region 2007
* Agent of Peace TV Globo 2008
* Pride of Pernambuco Diario de Pernambuco Newspaper 2008
* Sapiens Merit of Education 8th International Congress of Education 2009
* Brazil Award in Social Citizenship in Risk Area Casa da Crianca Project October 2009
* The Best Music of Pernambuco Trophy Acinpe (Association of Singers and interpreters of Pernambuco) 2009
* Caixa Banks Prize of Best Practices in Local Management 2009
* Darcy Ribeiro Education Award 2009
* Best Marketing Sustainability Award Latin American Association of Advertising Agencies 2010
* Medal of Merit Labor Superior Court 2010
* International Award for Best Practices in Dubai United Arab Emirates (Good Practice for Social Inclusion) 2010
* Honorable Mention Human Rights Award of the National Association of Magistrates of Labor 2010
* Medal of Merit Legislative Assembly of Pernambuco 2011
* Zilda Arns Award Pastoral da Crianca 2011
* Medal of Merit Jose Mariano - Municipal Chamber of Recife - 2017


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