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Myrna Targino Presidente da ABCC

Presidente da ABCC

Juiz Joo Targino Creator and General Coordinator

Judge Joao Jose Rocha Targino is known as one of the personalities more active in the social area. Through the Child Citizen Orchestra, idealized by himself, he is supporting hundreds of children. Targino is from Pombal (Paraiba). He is proud to be the general coordinator of the project. With the responsibility to manage the fate of needy boys and girls, Targino does not hide his satisfaction to work for the Orchestra. It is a project that primarily is concerned with the formation of character and then with the musical aspect. It also provides nutritional, psychological and pedagogical support. We are 100% professional and we have clear and specific objectives, explained the judge.

Long before creating the Child Citizen Orchestra, Joao Targino had already accumulated awards for achieving his social concern. In 1995, he received the trophy in the area of Human Rights Sports and Culture Department of the Abreu e Lima - PE. Thereafter, dozens of other awards were received, divided between his professional competence as a judge and his ability to manage the project he created.

Other awards: Fellow Paul Harris Title, from the Rotary Foundation (2001); Citizen of Pernambuco Title (2004); Peace maker Medal, for services rendered to the Brazilian Army (2009), Insignia Musical Pianist Josefina Aguiar, for services to Brazilian music (2009); Master Vitalino Cultural Award, for his work on culture and citizenship of the State of Pernambuco (2009); Peace maker Award, from the Group of Executives of Recife, due to his examples of solidarity, humanitarian spirit and love for the cause of the needy (2009).

Joao Targino is graduated by the Federal University of Paraiba (UFPB). He already has worked in the office of the Legal Aid, Civil, Public Treasury, Family and Civil Registry Courts. In 2012, he was nominated by the president of the National Special Courts Forum (Fonaje), the judge of law Guilherme Ribeiro Baldan, to figure as a member of the Institutional Committee of the entity. In the same year, he was called by the minister Eliana Calmon, at that time the head of National Comptroller of Justice to help this body from the National Council of Justice (CNJ) in the reviews of the inspections made in several courts all over the country, as well as the patrimonial probes.

Desembargador Nildo Nery dos Santos President

President and founder of the Citizen Child Beneficent Association (ABCC), the NGO managerof the Orchestra, the Associate Judge Nildo Nery dos Santos is recognized as one of the legal personalities of the State that have done most for social inclusion. The attention he has always given to needy children and adolescents reached its highlight with the formation of the ABCC in 2000, during his presidency at the Court of Justice of Pernambuco (TJPE).

Nildo Nery was born on November 19, 1934, in Goiana city, Pernambuco. The judicial activity began in 1958 when he was 24 and finished Law School at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). Later in that year, he travelled to Europe and spent some time at the Max Planck Institute, in Germany, and at the European Prison System, specifically those of Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Among all the courses and internships, there are, in chronological order: International Center for Magistrates Luigi Saverini, Italy (1981), Center for Legal Studies of Portugal (1990); Judicial Schools New York, Boston, Reno, Charlotteville, Virginia, Federal Judicial Center Washington (1992); the Court of Justice of European Communities (Luxembourg), in 1995; Research Institute and Legal Practices Tokyo, Japan (1995); National School of French Magistracy Bordeaux, France (1996); Judicial School of Barcelona (1998) and The University of Georgia (2002).

With a great load of theoretical and practical knowledge due to long years of study and experience abroad, Nildo Nery, now retired, has already served many positions in the State of Pernambuco. And the list goes on. As a judge of Quipapa, Garanhuns and Condado (cities) and in 2nd Recife Jury section; president of the 2ndCriminal Chamber of the Court of Pernambuco, president of the Criminal Section, vice president of the Court of Justice, president of the Court of Justice of Pernambuco (2000-2001).

And it does not stop here. Nildo Nery was the general director of the School of Magistrates of Pernambuco (1987-1991), deputy director of the National School of Magistrates (1992-1998), and a visiting professor at UFPE, teaching classes about the subject Criminology for the Masters in Law of the university.

Honors and awards abound. The ABCCspresident the received 16 times the title Citizen, by several municipalities. The main awards are: Al Merito della Repubblica Italiana (1983), Honorary Member of the International Judicial Training Program of the Dean Rusk Center-International, Comparative and Graduate Legal Studies and the Institute of Continuing Judicial Education of the School of Law (2002), and Medal of the Judiciary Merit (2004).


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