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Augusto Medeiros Pedagogical

Former military of the Brazilian Army, where he has served as a soldier, from 2006 to 2014, Augusto worked in many functions, among them, as a Administrative Auxiliar at 4th section (Purchasing Sector). In 2011, he integrated a mission of The United Nations (UN), in Haiti, where in addition to working to ensure people safety, he considers his actuation as a part of a huge social work. Augusto concluded technical courses in Work Safety at Technical Management Center (Getec) and in Hosting at Mauricio de Nassau College (UNINASSAU). Since September 2014, he was selected to join the Orchestra from Ipojuca, where he dedicates to pedagogical and administrative routines at the core.

Denilson Alves Driver

Denilson Alves is currently driver of the Child Citizen Orchestra. At 15, he was a student and monitor in a social project of audiovisual production promoted by the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation and the Popular Radios of Pernambuco Association, in Cabo de Santo Agostinho. In 2008, he made a requalification course in digital cinema promoted by Aurora Films. He studied Spanish, attended a bartender course at Senac-PE, was administrative assistant in Recivix Informtica Ltda and also studied in an audio technician course promoted by Joaquim Nabuco Foundation. In 2015, it was a bilingual driver in Querubins rental agency, and has worked in other car rental agencies such as the Unidos, Movida, Localiza, Hertz and Avis Budget.

Herlange Lira Pedagogical

Herlange born in Sirinhaem and now lives in Sao Paulo mill, in Camela district. After concluding the High School, in 2008, she acquired knowledge in the pedagogical practice through the Magisterium course, developing projects as Travelling all over the world of the interpretation of texts, coordinating the dramatic arts group for children with special needs and getting involved into the several playful activities.

At the Parents and Friends Exceptional Association (APAE), she attended some minicursos related to the difficulties of the children with Down. Herlange had some interships in all the grades of the elementary school and, she is studying Pedagogy at Lacerda Filho Applied Sciences College (Fajolca) and the conclusion is forecasted for the second semester in 2017. She took basic courses as Computing and English, at Microlins; How to send more and better, at Support to Micro and Small Businesses of Pernambuco Service (SEBRAE), and others.

In relation to the professional historic, she began to work by age of 17 and has been to companies like Magazine Real Store, as a cashier; South Atlantic Shipyard, as a weld apprentice and others. She has developed a parallel work in the church since she was 12, teaching classes with the aim to take children and young to different ways. In October 2014, the opportunity to be part of the Child Citizen Orchestra from Ipojuca arise, where initially she contributed to the social project, as a auxiliar of general services and then, in February 2017, she got promoted to the pedagocial area.

Maria Amlia do Monte General Services

Resident in Camela district since she was born, Amelia saw up close the Child Citizen Orchestra's core implantation in the locality, in 2014. But it was only in February 2017, when she was hired by the unit of Ipojuca, she got to know better the routine in the project, of which she is proud to be part: "I am honored and thankful for working here, because it is beautiful what they do, once in a while I catch myself listening through the corridors". Earlier, from 2011 to 2015, in the same function, she worked for BTS business, at Suape Port Compound.

Maria da Conceio Batista Oton General Services

Maria, a resident of the Coque community, works at the Child Citizen Orchestra from Coque performing general services. Along with Vera Gomes de Paula, Maria works on the cleaning of the projects facilities. She says she is happy to daily contribute to the success of the Orchestra because everybody treats her well.

Maria, before assuming the functions at the Orchestra, worked for six months in a family home as a maid. She had already known the Child Citizen Orchestra and some students before coming to the social project.

Poliane Ferreira Kitchen Helper

Poliane born in Sirinhaem and lives in Camela district there was seven years. After concluding High School, she took some qualification professional courses, among them, English, Reception, Basic Computing and Electrical Installation. Her first professional occupation was in a restaurant, as a busboy. She was also a cook auxiliar at COAN and Electrical helper at South Atlantic Shipyard.

Since the inauguration of the Orchestra in Camela, in 2014, she is in the staff and executes general services in the headquarters. I am so proud of this experience because I notice that it embraces the knowledge of the needy children who necessit of a support by the society, opening new horizons for them, she comments.

Vera Maria Gomes de Paula General Services

Mrs. Vera, as she is called, has a key role at the Orchestra from Coque. She is responsible for cleaning up the dependencies of the project and therefore also for the proper presentation to all who visit the group.

Before coming to the project, Mrs. Vera worked as a cook for six years in a shelter for women who suffer violence, linked to Recife City Hall. Then she worked as a homemaker meeting Maestro Cussy de Almeida through a sister-in-law. At the Orchestra, she has her first job of a formal contract. Mrs. Vera thanks every day for having the chance to share experiences with the kids, who treat her well and with great respect.

Joo Carlos das Chagas Servios Gerais

Servios Gerais

Erinaldo Arcanjo dos Santos General Services


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