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Carlos Eduardo Amaral Press Agent

The link between Carlos Eduardo Amaral (Olinda, 1980) and the classical music began when the jornalist was a teenager and felt enchanted by the multiple sounds of the symphonic universe, what did him look for studying in a conservatory in Joo Pessoa, Paraba, in 1996, two years before come back to live in Pernambuco to undergraduate. So his relationship with the art of the sounds took a new form: Carlos became a jornalist, with graduation lato sensu in Jornalism and Cultural Critic and MsC. in Communication (as a Facepe scholarship holder), always by UFPE, his alma mater.

After releasing the web radio program "Brazilian Hearings - The national classical music on your radio", in 2006, Carlos Eduardo started his music critic career collaborating to the cultural magazine Continente from 2006 to 2016, and where he worked as assistant editor ad hoc and reviser in 2012. He also collaborated to other cultural magazines, as Concerto (the only one in Brazil exclusively dedicated to classical music), Trpico (portal UOL) and Cartaz (SC). As press assistant, Carlos took part in the communication staff of the festivals Virtuosi (2010) and Mimo (2007 to 2014), and released the CD "Mateus Alves - Chamber and orchestral music".

As researcher, he worked both inside and outside the Academy. He was awarded by Funarte (National Foundation of Arts, a Ministry of Culture institution) with a scholarship to produce the monographic essay "Symphonic Ativism - The political protest on Jorge Antunes' orchestral works" (2009), and his Master's dissertation, "The classical music in festivals of Olinda and Recife - A discussion about value constructions and communication processes on Mimo and Virtuosi festivals", was awarded by the own Ministry of Culture in 2012, to which Carlos before provided services as consultant on classical music and instrumental music areas.

In the editorial area, Carlos organised the "Critic Music Collection UFPE Students" (independent production, 2010), prepared a chapter to the book "The composer's craft" (Editora Perspectiva, 2012) and wrote the book "Clvis Pereira - In the Green Stone Kingdom" (Cepe, 2015), which catalogued the works of the most important live classical composer resident in Pernambuco. Since 2014, Carlos reassumed his most direct link with with the music and ventured on the road of music composition, having written more than 20 chamber and orchestral pieces from that year on.

Tamz Freitas Loureiro Press assistant

Early, just an admirer of the project, nowadays the journalist is integrated in the staff of the core opened in Camela district, in Ipojuca city, and she has been doing her function since October 2015. Graduated in Social Communication - Journalism by the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), in 2015, she received the university laurel and she had experiences all over some areas in journalism. While an internship, from February 2013 to February 2015, she actuated in the Communication Department of the Energetic Company of Pernambuco (Celpe), specifically in the relations with the press from the Metropolitan Region of Recife (RMR) and the state's countryside. Still in 2015, already as a professional, she conciliated her works in Journalism Department of the FM Community Radio "A Voz da Liberdade", as a volunteer journalist, to the ones she did in Livorno Comunicacao business, as a freelancer reporter.

In the production of academic projects, she obtained some prizes in communication field; for example, the best Customized Magazine with "O Outro Lado da Rua da Moeda" and the best Experimental Production in Videojournalism and Telejournalism with the series "Doce PE Uma Historiografia da Culinaria Pernambucana"; both of them at the XVI Congress of Communication Sciences in Northeastern, in Joao Pessoa city, in 2014. The "Doce PE" was exhibited on Universitary TV, in January 2015. Still in the academic area, she was in the staff of production and narration of the radiodocumentary "Profissoes Marginalizadas", which was broadcast in November 2013 by the FM Universitary Radio 99,9MHz.

With the social aim, she helped foreign journalists in the International Reporting Project Brazil, in April 2014, in Recife, when the professionals visited three Brazilian cities with the purpose to observe the Milennium Development Goals' progress in the country. As a volunteer translator, she mediated the talk between interviewed people and the reporters. Nowadays, she combines her activities at Child Citizen Orchestra from Ipojuca and some eventual works in Sports Journalism.

Houldine Nascimento Press assistant

Undergraduated in Journalism by the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Houldine Nascimento (Recife, 1992) become press assistant of the Child Citizen Orchestra in December 2016. His first contact with the project, however, occurred when he was a reporter at Radio Jornal and covered the Orchestra's 9th anniversary concert in July 2015.

During graduation, he had experience in the press office of some institutions, such as the Federal Institute of Pernambuco (2012-13), as an internship in the Communication Department, and the SINSMUJG. He is a former reporter of Blog do Magno (2016).

Cinema has always been an area of interest. In Rdio Jornal (2013-15), he was a film critic. He also had the experience of covering several festivals, such as Mostra Tiradentes (MG) in 2016, Cine PE (2014-16) and Janela Internacional de Cinema (2012-16). Since September 2014, he is the editor of the website Cinegrafando.

In the academic area, he participated in Communication conferences, where he presented articles and was in workshops. He also directed the documentary "O Imperador da Pedra do Reino", which brought an unprecedented perspective about life and work of Ariano Suassuna. The film was released in some festivals, including the 20th edition of Cine PE, in 2016.

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