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Edivaldo Cavalcanti Manager

Ex-military in the Brazilian Army, where he served as 3rd Sergeant, from 2004 to 2011, Cavalcanti has worked in many functions, among them, the one of responsible by the Pelotao Esperanca project that aimed to use the free time of children by needy communities in their turn out of the school, with School Tutoring, First Aid, Rights and Duties of Citizens, Physical Education and others. Cavalcanti also helped in the formation of many young newly-incorporated to the National Force, on the Control of Firearms and on the coordination of the material controlled by the Army.

Trained as a Nursing Technician, at the Professions Academy School, he knew the Child Citizen Orchestra besides a partnership between the institution and the Army in the distribution of a million of toys, after a Federal Revenue confiscation. Under the orientation of Judge Joao Targino, general coordinator of the project, he did the gifts delivery all over the state of Pernambuco, providing a different Christmas to the needy children from the public schools. Some years later, he received the invitation to take over the function of administrative manager at the Child Citizen Orchestra from Ipojuca, the first extension out of Recife, in Camela district, since 2014. His enthusiasm is noticed by the staff, students and their parents and he repays: I fell honored by God for making part of this big team which gives its best to assist the musical formation and, above all, the transformation of citizens with these teenagers and children.

Eliude Braz Pedagogical

Graduated in Administration at Jose Lacerda Filho Applied Sciences College FAJOLCA and postgraduate in Child and Teenagers Rights at Federal Rural University of Pernambuco UFRPE, Eliude also did complementary courses about Computing, Oratory and Ethics, citizenship and human development at Capacitation Center of Pernambuco (CECAPE); basic English at Art School English and Languages; and Official Correspondences at Federal Institute of Pernambuco (IFPE), at Ipojuca campus.

She began her professional career as a volunteer in a community association called Beneficent Association in Camela District ABSECA, assuming the function of computing teacher for two years. At ABSECA, she also worked as a communicator at Evangelical Life Community Radio, in the presentation of educative and evangelical programs. In August 2006, she left her voluntary works at the association, in order to have been elected by the community to be the guardianship counselor of Camela for three years. In 2009, she was re-elected for one more term of same period at Tutelary Council of Camela District Ipojuca.

In August 2012, she was hired as an Administrative Auxiliar by Benitto de Moraes Construction Company LTDA (BCM), where after six months got promoted to Personnel Department Assistant. In 2014, she was hired by Ipojuca Auto Pecas as an Administrative Auxiliar and in September of the same year, she received the proposal to work at Child Citizen Orchestra from Ipojuca, in Camela. Since February 2017, she became the manager at the core.

Gabryella Boudoux Promoter

Responsible for the promotion of the Orchestras events, tourismologist GabryellaBoudoux is also postgraduate in Marketing Management by Science of Management College of Pernambuco (FCAP/UPE). With extensive experience in planning cultural activities, she worked at the production teams of the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and also in the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2013, highlighting both experiences as very challenging. "At the Orchestra, I feel that I am developing both my professional side, with the cultural production area, and also my humanistic side. The opportunity to be in a social project and to work with children and adolescents is very rich, said Gabryella, who had her first contact with the Child Citizen Orchestra in 2012, when she watched the documentary "Sounds of Hope", shown at Cine-PE that year.


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