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Flvia Flix Psychologist

She graduated Psychology at Recife Frassinette College (FAFIRE), in 2008, in clinical psychology with Gestalt Therapy approach. Flavia is postgraduate in Strategic Management of Human Resources at Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE).

She worked in social projects with children who were victims of sexual violence in Coque neighborhood and still with some children who have special needs. In 2011, she worked in Galvao Engenharia, in the Oil and Gas unit, doing services for Petrobras in the Social Responsability area. Afterwards, he took over the Human Resources sector by the company, on whose behalf, she won the prize Top of HR by ADVB, in 2014, with the project The young apprentice employability. Nowadays, she belongs to the Psychology sector at Orchestra from Coque.

Manuela Carneiro Psychologist

Manuela began her Psychology studies in 2009, at Catholic University of Pernambuco UNICAP, where she graduated in 2014, with knowledge in psychosocial intervention. In 2011, she started her internship at Violence Confrontation core Safety School from Recife, as Peace promoter, where she have developed works during six months in Coelhos neighborhood, with the aim to prevent the conflicts in schools through the Culture of peace dissemination. In the second half of 2011, she had another internship in the lowest grade in Santa Cruz Futebol Clube, looking after teenagers and youths with preventive actions which promoted the mental health and let them to rediscover their aims, needs and potentialities.

During six months in 2012, she worked at EMPLOYER Human Resources Organization LTDA., developing activies related to the recruitment and selection through interviews both skills and professional capacity pools. In 2013, she began internships at Child Citizen Orchestra and in Sport Club do Recife, she stayed in the institutions for a year and she was hired by both. Today, she works as a professional psychologist at the Child Citizen Orchestra from Ipojuca and in Sport Club do Recife, this last with the mens basketball team.


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